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Theravine™ is based on Grapes(vinotherapy). It’s from Stellenbosch. Launched 2004. Grapes has the highest anti-oxidants levels- a TRUE shield against harmful effects from environment. The proanthocyanidins(opc’s) in Grapes is 50 times strength of Vit.E and 20 times strength of Vit. C. The stylish application of aged wine to the face to create a radiant complexion dates back to King Louis XIV.

The benefit of red wine is widely known, but grapes on your skin (vinotherapy) have the same effect. Available all over world, 250 SPA’s in South Africa. Lanzerac-Stellenbosch, Sun City and Gochganas in Namibia!

It is a wonderful range with beautiful smells. Your whole facial treatment will be a new discovery. The creams feel silky on your skin. Just heavenly. TheraVine™ is a complete range for Spa. 13 facial treatments and 36 body treatments to choose from. TheraVine™ is a competitive world standard product and is NEW to Namibia.

Andvanced Skin & Bodyscience
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