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By sleeping on 100% organic SilkLady pillowcases, your skin benefits while you sleep and you delay the aging process through a natural and healthy way. Silk has very similar properties to human skin – it contains a natural protein that contributes to skin health by speeding metabolism of skin cells, decreasing aging of facial skin, as well as calming the nervous system.

It’s at nighttime when your skin repairs itself. Silk pillowcases help to keep your skin-care products on your skin and give your skin the best chance of hydration through the night. Silk reduces the loss of natural hair oils and moisture.

After sleeping on 100% organic SilkLady pillowcases you wake up with glossy hair and younger-looking skin that is hydrated and free of creases.

SilkLady pillowcases are not only the softest pillowcases you ever touch, but they also provide the best organic skin-care and anti-aging solution!

Andvanced Skin & Bodyscience
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