Andvanced Skin & Bodyscience

On 1st of July 2015 we opened our doors to the public. Things are still in the early stages, so some changes might be expected.

We currently have at least one therapist and another saleslady in the shop at all times. All of us have international qualifications and specialise in different fields, though we can help you with any skincare concerns you might have.

Then we also have our exciting “COCONUT SHAKER” -  a Sunshower( stand up Sunbed) where you only need to stand 10 Min per session as it features an extra bonus. On the bottom is a vibrating plate that can give you a great workout whilst you tan if you wish to do so.

And this all right in the centre of town next to your favourite shop- Maerua Superspar. Come in and please tell us how your experience was….we can only get better if you help us honestly and straight. We would like to underpromise and overperform but be surprised…

Looking forward to greet you in our shop,
Luise Deloch and the Advanced Skin and Bodyscience Team.

Andvanced Skin & Bodyscience
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